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Kingtriumphs is a one man operation dedicated to the preservation and restoration of Triumphs (mainly the TR6 and TR7 models), and for maintaining my dream garage.

I've worked on Triumphs off and on for 30 years and now, in retirement, I've made it my full time business/hobby. I'm in this for the sheer enjoyment and not out to make tons of money, just enough to meet expenses. After 30 years as an engineer in manufacturing I savor the solitude, and pure enjoyment of bringing the cars back to life. Meetings, safetey inspections, timelines and 40 hour weeks are banned in my shop.

My restorations are certainly not 5 star perfect cars, but they'll be mechanically correct, detailed as close to original as possible, and just a real nice daily driver. Believe me, I'll spend 3 times the time on certain jobs, looking for the correct fastener and making sure the job is right.

My eBay sales are parts I don't need, have too many of, or simply can't use. You'll see from my history that I'm also buying parts for my cars. You'll also gather from my feedback that I'm always fair, reliable and flexible.

Feel free to drop me a note or call if you're looking for parts, a car or just to chat about Triumphs

Thank you for visiting my site.

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